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Evernote releases Evernote Business


Evernote is rolling along with new products lately. The company just revamped its Mac and iOS clients, and here's a brand-new creation called Evernote Business. The core Evernote service is designed to track notes, photos and other various ephemera for an individual mind, but Evernote Business hopes to do the same thing for a whole company by keeping a collection of notes and knowledge for an organization of people.

For $10 a month per user, users can access business notebooks as part of a business library, which share knowledge and collections across a group of people. Users also get access to their personal notebooks. Business accounts include full support for admins and all of Evernote's other search options and management features.

If you run a small business and appreciate using Evernote to keep track of notes and policies, this might be a great deal for you. I can attest that Evernote's extremely helpful as an individual user, and while $10 a month per user might seem a bit much, the extra options for businesses looking for an easy way to keep important training materials in the cloud might make the deal worth it. Evernote Business is taking signups right now.

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