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How to see if your Grand Commendation is active


Both Rygarius and Bashiok have posted on a forum thread regarding the absence of an in-game interface to see if your Grand Commendation is active on your account. As you likely already know, Grand Commendations are items purchasable from every faction at revered, which boost the reputation gains of every character on your account, regardless of faction or server. However, there's not any in-game indication saying that your gain is increased, there's not even, as the thread's OP said, any red text stating that the item has already been purchased.

Once the item has been used, every character, including the one purchasing the commendation, has their reputation gain increased by 100%, so a fail-safe way to see if your account has a certain faction's Grand Commendation running already is to do a daily quest. Having made your way to revered, it's possible that you're fairly aware of the amount of reputation usually awarded by a certain daily quest.

If you're not sure exactly how much reputation a quest usually awards, there are resources available to help, such as wowhead's database, which can be used to check the reputation reward of any daily quest. There are also addons like Factionizer which can help in-game with reputation rewards.

Once you've established the reputation reward usually given by a daily quest, it's easy to see if your account has had a 100% increase in reputation applied, the reward will simply be doubled. And don't worry, as Bashiok says, Community Manager Rygarius is working on this with the development team.

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