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Obama signs Safe Web Act into law, extends FTC power to combat online scam artists

Darren Murph

See that guy? The one in the bubble? He's probably up to no good. Thanks to President Obama, however, he's going to have a much harder time duping innocent young ladies like the one also shown here. Per The Hill, the POTUS has just signed into law the Safe Web Act, which extends the Federal Trade Commission's authority to "clamp down on Internet fraud and online scammers based abroad." In simpler terms, it enables the entity to share data about "cross-border online fraud with foreign law enforcement authorities" through September of 2020. According to an unnamed official within the FTC, the existing edition of this act has allowed it to conduct over 100 investigations into cross-border fraud and scam, but it's unclear how much crime was stopped and how many people were needlessly annoyed. We kid, we kid.

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