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Star Wars: The Old Republic's Jeff Hickman encourages player feedback on F2P changes


Star Wars: The Old Republic's community has had plenty to say about the game's recent addition of its free-to-play option, and BioWare wants players to keep the opinions coming. In a new post on the official site, the game's executive producer Jeff Hickman speaks on the importance of player feedback of the new F2P model and announces a few upcoming changes based on said feedback.

For starters, the ridiculous practice of requiring players to purchase additional hotbars seems to be on its way out. "Starting today," Hickman writes, "Preferred Status Players will see an increase to their default quickbars from two (2) to four (4)" while any players who have already shelled out for additional bars will have their Cartel Coins refunded. On top of that, an upcoming patch (exact date to-be-determined) will increase the number of character slots available to preferred players from two to six. In that same patch, BioWare will be substantially increasing the global 50-character limit for subscribers, in case anyone really wants an army of their own. In closing, Hickman reminds players that "even if [the developers] can't respond to every post, know that [they're] listening and looking to enhance The Old Republic gameplay based on player feedback." For the full details, click on over to the SWTOR official site.

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