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Turbine proposes, nixes $50 LotRO hobby horse


Would you pay $50 for an in-game toy hobby horse? That's the question that Turbine put to players in Lord of the Rings Online this past Sunday. The studio put the item on sale on the test server store for 5000 Turbine Points (roughly equivalent to $50) and asked players for feedback on the item and price.

The hobby horse functioned as a standard mount with an increase in traveling speed, even though it was a toy horse head on a stick. Unsurprisingly, players were not overly thrilled about the hobby horse and filled the thread with concerns and discussion over the expensive item.

Following a few days and several hundred posts, a representative for the game said that the price will be changed: "The hobby horse will now not be going live with that price point. [Turbine is] experimenting with items and pricing on the store. This test was, as is obvious from your feedback, unsuccessful. The feedback was somewhat expected."

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