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AT&T iPhones in 717 area code switch to mysterious 'Dan' network


iPhone owners in central Pennsylvania are scratching their heads today, as the AT&T network ID in the corner of their screens has been overtaken by the name "Dan." As PennLive reports, several customers have jumped on Apple's support forums to find out just what is behind the strange new label, but the problem is actually on AT&T's end.

In a statement, AT&T noted that it was working on restoring the AT&T designation to those affected, and assured users that the momentary change has no impact on the wireless service itself. The company did not reveal the cause for the strange error, but said that "Dan" was an older designation used for testing the network.

The issue only appears to be affecting AT&T customers with the iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS or iPhone 4, and only in the 717 area code. Some forum posters have noted that the problem can be fixed by simply resetting the network settings within the phone itself, though AT&T appears confident that it will be able to correct the issue without requiring any steps be taken by customers.

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