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Sonos update lets you stream from iOS devices

Mel Martin

Sonos has updated its iPhone app and iPad app (both free) to enable direct streaming from your iOS devices. With version 3.8.3, your iPad, iPhone and iPod touch can be Sonos sources, much like your music library and web services like Pandora.

The feature is a welcome one and works very well. It would be even better if my new iOS sources showed up in the Sonos Controller software on my Macs so I could play those tracks from anywhere. I'd also love to be able to access my large music collection that Sonos gets from iTunes on any of my iOS devices.

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Yes, there are a lot of ways to accomplish these things, but Sonos is my music hub at home and I'd like to get everything there. There is the recently discontinued Sonos Dock for the iPhone, but it doesn't support the new Lightning connector.

Sonos Controller for iPhone and iPad version 3.8.3 are very nice, no-cost updates. I especially enjoyed listening to podcasts on my iOS device through my Sonos system.

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