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Apple v. HTC court documents made public, minus the best bits

This time last month, Apple and HTC settled their long-running patent dispute with both companies coming to a mutual 10-year licensing agreement, the full terms of which were never disclosed. Now the documentation of the proceedings has been released and, not surprisingly, most of the specifics of the deal have been thoroughly redacted.

The documents were requested by Samsung in hopes that they'll contain something the company can use against Apple in the pair's ongoing legal disputes. Unlike the public, Samsung's lawyers were granted access to the non-redacted versions.

What can be gathered from the publicly available version is that it doesn't appear Apple ended up making any payments to HTC as part of the agreement. The document only contains references to payments by HTC. Also, while Apple agreed not to sue HTC over certain patents for a decade, these do not include design patents, arguably 1 Infinite Loop's most highly valued assets.

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