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Binding of Isaac in a 3D, first-person Team Fortress 2 mod


This is a busy season for video games. Not for the developers, necessarily, but for the players. All the big, end-of-the-year games are out, we're marathoning AAA titles and indie darlings alike, and our backlogs are on the verge of becoming sentient. It's about time you take a break, while simultaneously knocking out two games at once: Team Fortress 2 and The Binding of Isaac.

If you haven't spotted this mod that creates a 3D, first-person Binding of Isaac world within Team Fortress 2, give it a look now in the video above. It's even Edmund McMillen-approved.

The mod comes from YouTube user lampenpam, and while it isn't complete, US players can log into the Super Zombie Fortress server, where the Isaac map is in rotation. The server is run by Jonas "Mecha the Slag" Kærlev, the creator of Wind Waker-inspired indie game A Hat in Time.

Technically, with that final link, we've just given you three games to observe while letting your batteries recharge. Literally, we assume – the convenience of those wireless controllers can be such a pain.

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