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Bloomberg: Foxconn plans US expansion to fill demand for American-made products


Apple CEO Tim Cook caused quite a stir when he announced that at least some Macs would soon be made in the US, and it looks like one of the world's biggest device manufacturers is now set to follow suit. As Bloomberg reports, Foxconn is planning to expand its operations in the US to fulfill what it sees as a growing demand for more Made in the USA products. While not providing many details beyond that, Foxconn spokesperson Louis Woo said in an interview with Bloomberg that "supply chain is one of the big challenges for US expansion," adding that "any manufacturing we take back to the US needs to leverage high-value engineering talent there in comparison to the low-cost labor of China." Of course, while the timing of the news is a bit coincidental, there's no indication yet that Foxconn will be working with Apple on its US manufacturing plans, nor is there any word on any other clients it's lined up.

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