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    Daily iPhone App: Grand Theft Auto Vice City Anniversary is a great way to relive the memories


    I don't know why it's so unbelievable for me to see this game running in full motion on my iPhone's screen. The iPhone 5 is a powerful device, and we've seen quite a few console-quality titles on the App Store. But there's something special about this game, probably the most coherent and well-made of the original Grand Theft Auto 3 series. There's a place in my heart, too, for San Andreas, but Rockstar hasn't announced that release yet, and seeing it running on iOS is just like magic to me.

    Let's start with some of the best voice acting in video games, none other than Ray Liotta as the great and rambunctious Tommy Vercetti. Vice City presents a huge area based on Miami, completely with a Scarface-style mansion and helicopter topped skyscrapers to explore and conquer. And there are plenty of side missions to find and assets to buy as well, not to mention that excellent '80s soundtrack. Vice City is a classic game, and it runs beautifully here on iOS. The touchscreen controls will occasionally trip you up, but they also work surprisingly well at times, so they're a livable reality on a device without buttons.

    You can see me being shocked at seeing the game finally out and working so well in the video below. If you want to take a trip back in time for yourself, the game's available for $4.99 on the App Store.

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