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Golden Spike unveils ambitious plans for $1.5 billion trips to the moon

Darren Murph

Space tourism? Yeah, been there, doing that. But in the world of private travel, there's really no such thing as too much competition. Today, the newly formed Golden Spike Company took the wraps off of an exceedingly ambitious plan that would eventually see pairs of citizens hoisted up to the moon for a cool $1.5 billion. Before you brush it off as fancy dreaming, it's worth nothing that the firm's CEO previously worked for NASA, while it has amassed a lineup of advisers that includes Newt Gingrich, former NASA shuttle program manager Wayne Hale and Homer Hickam, a former NASA engineer. It clearly understands what it's up against in trying to make this a reality, but loads of questions remain -- there's no firm word on how it'll fund itself as it works up to that inaugural flight, and there doesn't appear to a pre-order link on its website. But hey, at least those recent Powerball winners now have something even they can't afford, right?

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