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iPad mini ship times improve to 1 week in US

Good news for those of you hoping to get (or give) an iPad mini this holiday season: shipping times for the smallest iPad have improved to just one week. That includes all models of the iPad mini -- 16, 32, and 64 GB in black or white and of the WiFi or cellular variety.

Right now the one-week ship time is only showing in the US Apple online store. There's a chance that international stores may see similar ship times soon, however when shipping times improve globally the reduced times usually show up in Asia Pacific regions first. The fact that the reduced times are currently only showing up in the US online store could signify that Apple is allocating a significant portion of their stock to give priority to US market holiday sales.

As of the time of this writing Apple is promising US customers that orders placed before midnight on December 12 will arrive in time to put under the tree on Christmas.

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