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Operation: Onslaught overtakes Mass Effect 3 multiplayer this weekend

Jordan Mallory

BioWare's new breed of non-squad oriented multiplayer challenges for Mass Effect 3 continues this weekend, when "Operation: Onslaught" is put into effect. As the contrived excuse story goes, diminished Alliance industrial capabilities have resulted in a shortage of "specialized" weapons in the field, and it's up to the N7 Marines to reclaim factories and other industrial complexes so production can begin again.

Sounds exciting, right? Well it would be, if this weekend's event actually had anything to do with that. In actuality, ME3's multiplayer will be business as usual, save for the fact that individual soldiers can earn a Commendation Pack by dealing 75,000 accumulated points of damage with an assault rifle. There are no map or difficulty level requirements, nor is successful extraction needed for the points to be valid.

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