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The Daily Grind: Do you play MMO CCGs?

Jef Reahard

SOE is making some changes to the Legends of Norrath collectible card game embedded inside its EverQuest II MMORPG. As it stands now, EQII gold members get free card packs for each month that they maintain the gold membership, and these freebie packs stack up over time.

When the changes go live, players will no longer receive free packs on a monthly basis unless they actually log into LoN during the month in question. Why does anyone care? Well, because the free packs occasionally reward you with loot cards that can be redeemed for EQII items (mounts, cloaks, houses, etc.). As Feldon at EQ2Wire reports, the tweak is "intended to drive players to actually play Legends of Norrath rather than using it as an automatic loot delivery system."

What say you, Massively readers? Do you actually play MMO-related CCGs or do you simply ignore them (and hope you get a rare card for free)?

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