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Ubisoft Massive developing next-gen RPG, Montpellier on next-gen racer


Ubisoft's Massive Entertainment and Ubisoft Shanghai are working on AAA next-gen RPGs, while Ubisoft Montreal has a next-gen IP on its radar, a few LinkedIn profiles spotted by PlayStation Lifestyle divulge.

At Sweden's Massive Entertainment, co-developer of Far Cry 3, one game designer listed a "AAA next-gen online RPG" before changing it to something more vague. We grabbed a screenshot here. Over at Ubisoft Shanghai, a senior gameplay/network programmer listed a "'Confidential Title' next-gen console (RPG)."

A game designer for Rayman Legends listed a next-gen console racer that he's been working on since August 2011, PlayStation Lifestyle reported. He removed the listing before we could snap a shot.

A 3D animator and a concept artist from Ubisoft Montreal list an "unannounced next-gen" IP on their LinkedIn profiles, the animator specifying work from December 2011 - February 2012. Neither employee lists Watch Dogs, the game whose other-worldly graphics made such a splash at E3, on their resumes.

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