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SWTOR plans to tweak endgame PvP balance


In an interview with fansite TORWars released last night, Senior Designer Rob Hinkle explained that one of the ways BioWare will attempt to make endgame PvP more fun in Star Wars: The Old Republic is by making the PvP stat (Expertise) equal across all sets of PvP armor.

Like many other MMOs with a focus on PvP, SWTOR has struggled with balancing the endgame PvP progression. Hinkle said in the interview that he frequently hears from players that they love level 10 to 49 PvP but are disappointed by their performance when they first log into endgame PvP. Hinkle described how the development team aims to make endgame PvP better by changing how Expertise will work in the "relatively" near future:
"Instead of Expertise being a stat that you're chasing as you're getting better and better PvP gear, all the PvP gear no matter what tier it is will have the same Expertise level. It's just the normal stats that will be getting better as you getting higher in PvP gear."
Although this change will not be fully implemented until after Update 1.6, Massively's latest Hyperspace Beacon has already scoped it out for your edification.

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