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Linux system requirements pop up on some Steam games


Valve provided the Linux system requirements for a handful of games on Steam over the past week, perhaps gearing up for a full, public launch of Steam Linux. Steam added more than 30 games that run on Linux, spanning standard releases and a few Greenlight games, and Steam Linux is currently in closed beta.

We attempted to find the Linux system requirements on a PC and via a virtual box running the latest version of Ubuntu, but to no avail. A few faster people snapped screenshots of the specs, such as the above image of Serious Sam 3: BFE's Linux requirements taken by Techgage.

Yesterday's discussion of a Steam Box, direct from the mouth of Valve founder Gabe Newell, raised questions of Linux as a potentially pivotal player in Valve's arsenal. That thing will have to have an OS, after all, and Linux would be a natural option. As we discussed on the Super Joystiq Podcast last week, Big Picture mode plus Linux might equal a big ol' Steam Box.

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