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Leaderboard: RIFT vs. EverQuest II

Jef Reahard

So you're in the market for a fantasy themepark, but you're angry at Aion, leery of Lord of the Rings Online, and weary of World of Warcraft. RIFT and EverQuest II seem pretty interesting, then, but they also seem pretty similar.

Both feature high fantasy settings, celebrated housing mechanics, ridiculously deep character development options, and more PvE content than you could consume in two lifetimes. The similarities don't stop there, as the two titles also share composers, producers, and a lengthy list of devs who include both games on their resumes.

One major difference is the respective business model. RIFT is firmly in the subscription camp (if you discount its free trial up to level 20), while EverQuest II is fully free-to-play, though you don't have to look very hard to find folks who think it's not free enough. Visuals are also a difference-maker; EQII is eight years old and showing its age, while RIFT is still basking in the equivalent of MMORPG adolescence. So after all of that, how about it? RIFT or EverQuest II? Vote after the break!

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