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OCDesk iPhone dock perfect for iMac and Apple Thunderbolt Display


First, let's get the irony out of the way. A company with a product called the "Obsessively Clean Desk" dock wanted me -- a person with an obsessively messy desk -- to try out a prototype of their iPhone dock for the iMac and Apple Thunderbolt Display. The OCDesk is almost completely funded with 11 days to go in Kickstarter, and it's easy to see why this accessory is so popular.

So what makes the OCDesk so unique? It's aimed at a very focused audience -- those who own either an iMac or Apple Thunderbolt Display. Designed to keep thick and unattractive white cables from dangling all over your desk, the OCDesk uses a custom-designed flat cable that is routed underneath the aluminum "foot" of the iMac or display. The dock itself is made of aluminum that is finished to match that "foot", and is so well-designed that when installed, it looks as if it is part of the Apple product.

The prototype had some 3D-printed and hand-finished components, but actually looked much better than a lot of final products I've seen. Also unlike most docks I'm seeing these days, the OCDesk features a Lightning adapter -- perfect for all of those new iPhones and iPod touches that will under Christmas trees this year.

OCDesk iPhone dock perfect for iMac and Apple Thunderbolt Display

To make sure that the OCDesk doesn't move, there's an adhesive sticker on the bottom. An instruction booklet doubles as a template for making sure that the OCDesk is obsessively mounted exactly in the center of the foot of your iMac or display. Once in place at the foot of your computer or display, it's easy to attach and detach your iPhone without the dock moving.

Some other unique features of the US$79 OCDesk include a spring-loaded plate on the bottom of the area where your iPhone goes, so it can accommodate many cases. I am personally amazed with how thin the ribbon cable from the dock to the USB port is -- it's literally about as thick as a piece of paper.

You can pre-order an OCDesk Mini (designed for "naked" iPhones) for $55 as part of the Kickstarter project, or the full-sized OCDesk (with the spring-loaded plate) for $59. Both products are expected to retail for $79 once they're in production. It's refreshing to see an iPhone dock that so perfectly compliments the design sensibility of the iMac and Thunderbolt Display.

For more information, visit the Kickstarter page for OCDesk and watch the video below.

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