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Patch 5.2: Potential monk changes


Stemming out of a relatively good post on PvP quality of life changes that could be implemented for the monk class, Daxxarri weighed in on some upcoming things that are possible for patch 5.2. Notably Renewing Mists being usable while mounted and Soothing Mists not being able to be purged.

This isn't the first time the blues have been dropping hints about upcoming patch 5.2 features. While there doesn't seem to be any pending release of a PTR, there's certainly a bit of chatter lately.

Daxxarri's full blue posts is as follows:

The following changes are currently on the table for 5.2:
  • Life Cocoon will be undispellable and won't interrupt the cast at the end of the effect (and players will also be able to jump as well).
  • We're working to resolve the issues with Renewing Mist not being able to be used while mounted, though it will dismount the caster after it is cast.
  • Soothing Mist will no longer be able to be Purged, so it will work in a manner similar to the Priest's Penance. It will still be considered a periodic heal.

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