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Sportsfriends passes Kickstarter goal on last day [update]


The Sportsfriends have triumphed over the Legion of Budget Constraints. The local multiplayer game collection has passed its $150,000 Kickstarter goal, with $153,175 raised and six hours remaining as of writing.

Now that the Kickstarter goal has been met, the project will receive funding and therefore will exist on PS3 next fall, with PC, Mac, and Linux releases to follow. The collection includes upgraded versions of Johann Sebastian Joust, Hokra, BaraBariBall, and Pole Riders.

If you're still thinking about pledging, or increasing your pledge (as Notch did; his additional $3000 is what finally exceeded the goal), there are some recent additions to the rewards list you might want to know about. The $60 level has a bunch of new, exclusive indie games and prototypes, including a gamepad version of QWOP and a new game by Nifflas. The $100 tier offers one of a selection of t-shirts and one of the Joust controller charms seen above.

Update: After a surprisingly tumultuous final day, during which large pledges were suddenly pulled, the Kickstarter drive has officially ended at $152,451.

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