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Australian government could be source of Apple Maps bad info


Remember the story earlier this week about police in Mildura, Australia issuing a warning to motorists about Apple Maps when it was found that the app was taking people into the heart of the bush? Apple fixed the issue, pointing the pin for the town into the correct spot. But now, it appears that the company or one of its map suppliers may have picked up the erroneous data from the Australian government.

The Register found a source for the map information; the Australian Gazetteer, which is the "authoritative list of 300,000-plus placenames." The Gazetteer shows two Milduras; the actual town, and an entry for "Mildura Rural City" exactly at the location that Maps erroneously showed the town. The latter entry, according to the Register's commenters, is at the center of the local government area referred to as "Mildura Rural City."

As The Register notes, Geosciences Australia -- the agency behind the Gazetteer -- can't be blamed, since the data ultimately comes from the state of Victoria. Regardless of the source of the move of Mildura into the scorching Murray-Sunset National Park, at least Apple has corrected the issue.

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