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Horn goes on a free quest on iOS today


A free version of Phosphor Games' pretty 3D action-adventure mobile game Horn is available on iOS today. Horn Free focuses on the "Prologue" section of Horn proper, allowing players to face an endless series of Titans in the new Quest mode and unlock new sets of customizable weapons and armor.

The premium version of Horn pretty much gets all the new stuff found in Horn Free: Quest mode, available as under the Challenges section for instant boss fight gratification, and new loot. This latest update also optimizes both versions of Horn for play on iPad Minis and the new iPad. We've followed up for info on whether this new content is in the Android version.

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Featuring an Exciting & New Console Style Gameplay Experience;
Tons of New Features; Optimization for New iPads;
Now Available For Download on the App Store!

HORN FREE is the new free version of 2012's most groundbreaking 3D action and adventure mobile gaming app from Phosphor Games Studio and publisher Zynga. Not just a "Lite" version of a premium app, HORN FREE offers a new gameplay experience where players travel through a gorgeous gigantic console-like world, all elegantly navigated by an intuitive touch control system.

In HORN FREE, players explore the "Prologue" section of the Horn Story, as well as the brand new QUEST MODE, where the courageous Horn seeks to destroy all nefarious Titans before they take over the land. Build up gear by taking on tougher and tougher foes; find every secret, loot-filled cave, and discover all the nooks and crannies in the beautiful world.

HORN FREE offers an ideal pick-up-and-play mobile gaming experience with all the stunning visual and gameplay elements which made HORN the mobile gaming sensation of the year. Additionally, the Quest Mode will be available as part of an update for the Premium HORN App. Simply access the Load Menu, select QUEST MODE as a Challenge Mode and play!

HORN FREE includes:
- A brand-new endless QUEST MODE with new lush lands and beautiful graphics;
- TONS of fresh gear to upgrade! New swords, axes, hammers, miscellaneous weaponry and new armor to customize your appearance and skills;
- New enemies to fight! Lots of new Titans, and a completely new flying class of enemy to battle (watch out for the dive bombs!);
- Optimized for the iPad Mini and new iPad.

HORN FREE is now available on the App Store:

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