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iPad mini online ad views outpace Kindle Fire

Here's some impressive (if anecdotal) evidence that consumers are going gaga for the iPad mini. Mobile advertising platform Millennial Media says that the tiny tablet has seen a big increase in the interest level surrounding it since launching last month. According to the company's data, views of ads for the iPad mini increased by 28 percent every day in November, something that's lead Millennial Media to declare the device a "game changer."

To provide some perspective, the company noted that following its launch in November 2011, the Kindle Fire -- no slouch in terms of popularity itself -- saw a 19 percent increase in ad impressions on its network each day during its release month. The comparison prompted Millennial Media to predict a strong holiday 2012 season for Apple, but we don't think you need an MBA to know that's a given.

[Via AllThingsD]

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