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Nokia survey may shed some light on upcoming Windows Phone 7.8 features


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Know what's better than the gossamer promise of an early 2013 release date for Windows Phone 7.8? Any and all little tidbits that elucidate just what it could herald for legions of bruised Mango users. According to an alleged Nokia customer feedback survey obtained by WMPoweruser, that OS upgrade may bring with it a few additional, albeit minor enhancements outside of the (already confirmed) expanded start screen, like options for enhanced lock screen security, a Bing image of the day wallpaper, plus 20 new color themes. On the Nokia side of things, it appears Lumia owners will get to enjoy a few software perks as well -- namely, that of the gif-making Cinemagraph app and an expanded set of camera lenses. In all, this rumored feature set isn't exactly the most robust, but it's something. We've reached out to Nokia for comment, but so far the company hasn't returned our request. In the meantime, consider this slice of news as solid as WP 7.8's release date.

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