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WoW Insider is looking for writers

Alex Ziebart

Like World of Warcraft? Like writing about World of Warcraft? WoW Insider wants you to join our team! We're looking to hire some regular contributors to help out with our day-to-day posting. This would be a part-time freelance position. Our schedules are extremely flexible, but we would expect you to be available for at least a few hours each day minus weekends. The higher your availability, the more opportunities that will be available to you -- but a few hours most weekdays is what we, as a site, will need from you as your bare minimum.

In a contributor position, your primary role will be to assist us in covering news in a timely fashion, but you will be welcome to cover other topics according to your interests and the discretion of WoW Insider's senior editorial staff. You will also be expected to participate in beta and PTR cycles to contribute to our patch coverage.

We are not hiring columnists at this time, but any contributors we hire may have an opportunity to take on columns that interest them after they've settled into their contributor role.

Knowledge and interest in the following topics is not mandatory, but they are topics where we are particularly interested in bolstering our current offerings:
  • Elemental and Enhancement Shaman
  • Holy Paladins
  • Mages
  • Pet Battles
  • Game Economy
  • The WoW TCG
You can find the full instructions on how to apply on our applications page. If you have prior blogging experience, make sure you mention that in your application! Due to the hustle and bustle of the holidays, we will be accepting applications until January 8, 2013.

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