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Breakfast Topic: Do you feel Blizzard is listening?


With the recent developer interviews, one response that came up a lot from the community was that they felt the devs responded really clearly and willingly to their concerns. Perhaps it was the interview settings, and that the Blizzard team had the time to consider questions and their responses, or perhaps it was simply that they only had a few people asking the questions, rather than thousands. Ghostcrawler mentioned, when asked about Twitter, that one really great element of it was that questions were necessarily short, reducing the amount of reading, and the amount of questions he was asked, and making responding easier.

Do you feel that Blizzard is listening to players? It should, of course, be borne in mind that listening to players does not necessarily mean doing what they want. Blizzard should not be duty bound to take every player suggestion to heart, and definitely not to include it in the game, or even, necessarily, respond to it. But when there's a lot of feedback coming in on the same issue, perhaps a response should be forthcoming. And, largely, it seems to me that one is. Just because it's not always the response that those on the forums want to hear doesn't mean nobody's listening.

Additionally, to what extent should Blizzard listen to players? Those who follow Ghostcrawler on Twitter will be aware that he has commented on several occasions that players don't always know best what the game needs. Furthermore, there's the possibility that complaints are coming from a vocal minority, while the majority are blissful in their ignorance of other players' anger about some game aspect or other.

But what's your take on this? Do you feel like Blizzard is listening to players? And to what extent should they?

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