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Fake installer malware makes its way to Mac

If you download a Mac app and its installer asks you for your phone number, you're likely looking at the latest malware to find its way onto OS X. According to Russian security firm Dr. Web, a Trojan malware has been identified called Trojan.SMSSend.3666 that requests your mobile phone number in exchange for a promised activation code, but actually initiates automatic charges to your account should you be gullible enough to go along with it.

These Trojans can be attached to legitimate applications that would otherwise be available without the need for SMS-based activation, the site points out, or even to junk programs that do nothing at all. They're nothing new to Windows and Android users, but this is the first time that such malware has been identified on Mac.

Needless to say, if you find yourself presented with a request like this, you should exit the installer immediately. If you're trying to install an app you know to be legitimate, make sure you're downloading it from the developer's official site.

[Via The Next Web]

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