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Google Maps now available on App Store

As reported earlier tonight, Google has released its native Maps app to the App Store to the joy and relief of map-users everywhere.

Some users, however, are saying that the app is not available to them, but I was able to load it just fine. This might be another case of Google releasing the app, then pulling it back, although the blog says the app is live.

Coming roughly three months after the release of iOS 6 -- and the maps-related kerfluffle that came along with it -- the new Google Maps is a welcome alternative to Apple's native Maps app and accessing Google Maps through Mobile Safari. The app has received a significant overhaul and now matches the styling of Google's other iOS apps.

Google Maps for iOS comes with a beta version of Google Maps Navigation, which has voice-guided, turn-by-turn navigation. Signing in with your Google account will allow you to sync searches, directions and favorites. Google Maps also comes with Street View.

We'll be taking a deeper look at the new Google Maps and see how it holds up against Apple's native Maps app in the next few days.

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