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The Daily Grind: What was the best first day you've ever had in an MMO?


While I've had many great first days in MMOs (and only a couple of nasty ones, surprisingly enough), the one that always sticks out as a seminal moment in my gaming life was my first day in World of Warcraft.

I picked a Dwarf and so ended up logging into Coldridge Valley. It was hard to believe that after a lengthy development process that I was actually in the game. I remember spending almost 20 minutes just absorbing the look of everything and fiddling around with the UI. The remainder of my first day was spent enchanted with the ease of combat, the cool details like my Dwarf's breath puffing out in the wold, and the general atmosphere of the game. I think I knew right then that MMOs were going to be the way of my gaming future.

Whether it was WoW for you or something else, what was the best first day you've ever had in an MMO? And keep in mind that it doesn't necessarily have to be the first day of a game's operation, just the first day you tried it.

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