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Age of Conan tweaks F2P offerings, all classes and classic dungeons freely available

Jef Reahard

'Tis the season for Funcom business model tweaks, or so it seems. Hot on the heels of the recent Secret World buy-to-play conversion comes news of significant changes to Age of Conan's free-to-play model. First off, all 12 of the fantasy title's classes are now available to free players. Also, the F2P gold cap has been increased from two to 10.

Still not enough for you? Well, OK, how about all of the pre-80 dungeons in the original Hyborian Adventures game? Instances like the Crow's Nest, Slaughterhouse Cellar, and Xibaluku were previously the domain of subscribers or folks who paid to unlock them, but now anyone and everyone can experience Funcom's considerable dungeon-building chops for no charge.

AoC's Bloody Solstice holiday event is also live with today's patch, the notes for which may be found at the game's official website.

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