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Age of Wushu opens next closed beta to all

MJ Guthrie

Is it possible to have an open closed beta? Yup, and Snail Games is doing just that for Age of Wushu's next round of beta testing. Due to the overwhelming response of folks wanting to participate, the game is adding a special trial version for the upcoming CBT.

How it will work is that any and everyone who wants to get a taste of the game will have 10 hours of unrestricted access when the next CBT starts on December 20th. After exhausting those 10 trial hours, players who have not purchased the deluxe edition will be capped at one hour of play per day throughout the rest of the beta test, which closes in early 2013.

Folks who own the deluxe edition will get more perks besides just unlimited playtime throughout the entire closed beta period. All customization, progression, and skills of all characters will be saved when this beta closes and will be available when the next play period opens. Players who already own Elite, E3, or New York Comic Con editions of the game will have the same unrestricted access as the deluxe owners.

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