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Google Maps SDK lets iOS devs use Google's maps in apps

With the well-hyped release of the new Google Maps app came the quieter announcement that the company is also releasing a Google Maps SDK for iOS. The SDK allows app developers to prefer in-app Google Maps instead of Apple's iOS 6 maps. The SDK will also allow developers to specify in their apps if an address or directions should be opened in Apple's Maps, or the Google Maps app.

A statement on Google's Geo Developers blog explains:

With the Google Maps SDK for iOS, developers can feature Google maps in their applications on the iPod touch, iPhone and iPad. Also, the SDK makes it simple to link to Google Maps for iPhone from inside your app, enabling your users to easily search and get directions.

The SDK features vector-based maps that load quickly, allowing users to easily navigate 2D and 3D views, rotating and tilting the map with simple gestures inside your app. Developers can also change the Google maps view to include information such as traffic conditions, and control camera positions in 3D.

Interested developers are asked to register their interest as access to the API keys are being selectively rolled out. Also users need not worry about an app developer forcing an address or directions link in an app to be opened in Google Maps. If a user doesn't have the Google Maps app installed, the link falls back to Apple's mapping API.

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