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Infographic your world with Sitegeist


Sitegeist (free) is quite an odd little app. It's sort of a Yelp for statisticians. You set a location and Sitegeist provides you with infographics about it. View demographics, political contributions, median home values, local restaurants and the weather. It's a big, old jumble of facts and advertising, all mixed together in a magnificently whimsical bundle.

Sadly, while I adored the graphics, the GUI isn't quite as easy to manipulate. Based on scrollable lists of visual data, it's quite hard to swipe between the five screens on offer. I recommend you tap on the bottom page bar instead as a workaround. I think the developers would have done better with a single scrolling list rather than trying to put up five, all with mixed levels of details.

I'm not sure if this app will stay on my phone long term, but for sitting around at a coffee bar and passing an iPhone around with a bunch of interesting facts, it's actually pretty amusing. It's a good app for friends and chatting and exploring your curiousity about the political contributions of your neighbors.

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