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Ragnarok Online 2 closed beta ended today, switches to open December 27th

MJ Guthrie

For the past six days, Ragnarok Online 2's closed beta testers have been participating in what online game operator Asiasoft Online called a "wildly successful" CBT run. As of today, the closed beta is kaput; the studio has moved on to fixing the technical issues and squashing the in-game bugs folks encountered during that test in preparation for the upcoming open beta period. Starting on December 27th, players will be able to access the open beta, and shortly thereafter, the cash shop will be introduced.

In a press release issued today, Sherman Tan, Chairman of Aisiasoft Online, expressed gratitude for the response and thanked all of the participating testers who contributed to improving the game. He stated, "The Ragnarok Online 2 [beta] launch has been one of our biggest successes and we are very humbled and encouraged by the overwhelming response from players who filled our game servers during the CBT period."

To get in the open beta, visit the official site to download the free client.

[Source: Asiasoft Online press release]

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