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Samsung strategy chief: our devices need to work better together


When Samsung is currently ruling the roost in mobile technology, you'd think the company's Chief Strategy Officer would exhibit some (possibly deserved) bluster. Not so: the executive in question, Young Sohn, tells the MIT Technology Review that Samsung has a long way to go before its products work in perfect harmony. While he's proud of the hardware in isolation, he believes a truly unified ecosystem is "really critical" in the long term. He sees Apple as ahead in this area, although he's arguing for an open approach instead of keeping everything in-house like they do in Cupertino. Partly to that end, the recently hired CSO is based in Menlo Park, not Seoul -- a step that should spot valuable technology early on and coordinate with San Francisco Bay Area startups that are big on the cloud, mobile platforms and other areas that compliment Samsung's plans. We don't know how long it will take before our Galaxy S III is in effortless sync with a similarly-branded TV, but it's good to know their mutual creator won't be resting on its laurels.

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