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Did SWTOR make things worse by going F2P?

Shawn Schuster

Gamasutra's Simon Ludgate lays into the makers of Star Wars: The Old Republic with a recent article that takes a look at all the things BioWare did wrong with the greatly hyped MMO.

"SWTOR's 'end-game' was anemic at best, especially compared to the well-received storyline content." Ludgate writes. "Surprise, surprise; most of the people who paid for the game didn't continue subscribing after playing through the story once or twice. Between the annoying grind and the recycled content -- another one of those annoying MMORPG tropes -- the game's single player content ended up being even less fun than a normal single player game, never mind the subscription fee to keep replaying it."

Whether you agree or disagree, Ludgate takes an in-depth look at everything that he sees as wrong with the game. From a broken cash shop ("Fifty-Six Dollars per Month. That's what it costs to play Star Wars: The Old Republic as a free player.") to the anomaly of fitting a single-player game into an MMO ("BioWare spent most of its money on single player story content, wrapped up in all the worst time-sink tropes that pervade the MMORPG genre"), the gloves are off in this one.

Check out the entire 3-page article over at Gamasutra, and let us know what you think in the comments.

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