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GOG's holiday sale discounts 475 games until Jan. 3


At some point the GOG holiday sale became unfair, an awfully cheap proposition that no fan of computer games could simply overlook. With rotating daily deals of up to 75% off and discounts up to 50% off on everything in GOG's catalogue, the platform is truly making a case for the season of giving to one's self.

The sale lasts until January 3. Today's daily deals include The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings for $12 and The Longest Journey for $5, among other quality offerings. As for general standouts during the promotion, we'd have to say Syndicate for $3 is a nice deal, and so is Legend of Grimrock for $3.74. Mac gamers aren't left out in the full-priced cold either, with deals on SimCity 2000 for $3, Fallout for $5 and Descent and Descent 2 for $5 to consider.

For the full list of 475 games on sale during GOG's promotion, follow the source link below.

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