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Resize a Nokia Lumia to juggernaut proportions and it might look something like this

Sharif Sakr

This photo just wandered in out of the wilds of Twitter with absolutely no memory of its name, home town, or who created it. It was originally sent to MyNokiaBlog by @coolRaffy, and it could be anything, legit or otherwise. It looks a bit like a Lumia 810 scaled up to the size of a Galaxy Note II -- assuming the mystery owner has regular sized hands. The blurry text on the left edge reads "property of Nokia not for sale," which suggests it could be a prototype, while the presence of a Family Room live tile implies we're in the presence of Windows Phone 8 -- even if the WP logo is the old kind. Meanwhile, a second photo of the settings screen (shown after the break) reveals an up-to-date Snapdragon S4 chipset and provides a model name that sounds wholly appropriate: the Juggernaut Semaphore. It's very possibly linked to the Juggernaut Alpha that appeared in a benchmark score back in the summer. Unfortunately, the settings screen also reinforces the notion of it being --at best -- a prototype. Just check out the resolution.

Update: NieuweMobiel.NL is suggesting that this is actually an old Nokia prototype that is making a second round again. The addition to "Semaphore" to the older "Juggernaut" name is a bit curious, but the hardware is certainly very familiar looking.

Take a Nokia Lumia, resize it to Juggernaut proportions, and it might look something like this

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