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PlanetSide 2 releases first update, promises tutorial and player input


Even though the best-laid plans are thrown out the window in the first moments of battle, PlanetSide 2's devs are forging ahead the best they can. The team released the first update for the game yesterday, adding horns to vehicles, allowing players to make multiple characters on a server, and inserting seven new weapons for all of the factions.

That's only the tip of the update iceberg, according to SOE President John Smedley. Speaking with PC Gamer, Smedley said that the future development of the game will largely be guided by player input. "We've changed so much about the game based on player feedback," he said, "so we're definitely going to do the same thing with our six-month plans. Players are paying the bills, so as far as I'm concerned that puts them in the driver's seat."

Smedley said that we'll be hearing more of PlanetSide 2's next stage come January. He did drop news of one important feature: a tutorial that should be hitting the game in February.

Also, some clever players dug up an interesting secret: PlanetSide 2 will offer triple Station Cash points Friday, December 21st. Smedley confirmed this on Twitter. [Thanks to Steve for the tip!]

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