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The Daily Grind: When was the last time a character creator didn't tick you off?


For me, it was PlanetSide 2. Admittedly, I usually prefer insanely robust character creation systems; give me five million options or go away, right? And yet even with all the options, those games with the very best character creation systems -- a moment of silence, please, for Star Wars Galaxies and City of Heroes -- were saddled with their own strange quirks, like crazy boob sliders, insufficient tools for making non-European characters, and an obvious disdain for aging or overweight or otherwise socially unacceptable toons. You can have 50 different mohawk styles, but if you want wrinkles, realistic breast physics, or a waist thicker than your wrist, then god help you.

By limiting options to four heads per gender (only one apiece European) and by making sure my female character is believably muscled and armored, PlanetSide 2's character creator manages to secure an advantage over more robust systems. By going minimalist and choosing to leave out almost everything instead of only one or two things that make me question the designers' motives, SOE has effectively curtailed complaints.

But is that worth it? When was the last time a character creator didn't offend you?

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