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Agni's Philosophy tech demos showcase insanely detailed faces, adjustable forehead sweat

Jordan Mallory

In case you missed it during E3, Agni's Philosophy is a series of real-time tech demos created by Square Enix, in order to demonstrate the power and flexibility of its "Luminous Studio" development environment/engine for next-generation video games.

As is clearly evident by these two spankin' new Agni's Philosophy exhibitions (above and after the break), Square Enix certainly has a lot to show off. The video above showcases a somewhat mystical feathered woman, whose incredibly detailed face, hair and clothing are all adjusted in various subtle-yet-crazy ways, apparently in real time. Similarly, the wizened man tucked past the jump is equally tweaked, his beard thickness altered and the amount of sweat on his brow changed simply by moving a slider.

You know what? We don't even need this to become a game anymore. Just give us a character editor with this kind of power and we'll give you as much money as you want.

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