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Linux to drop i386 support in the 3.8 kernel, make us upgrade our Doom rig


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Linux has developed a reputation for running on just about anything. If proposed changes to the 3.8 kernel take effect, we'll have to add an "almost" disclaimer. The OS' maintainers expect to drop support for Intel's i386 architecture with the new release, noting that there's "quite a bit of complexity" that could be lifted by swinging the focus to (much) newer chips. Don't expect Torvalds to have much nostalgia for i386 despite basing much of his early work on it, either, as he's bidding "good riddance" to the legacy code. We can't blame the Linux collective for wanting to drop support for 27-year-old silicon that's well out of fashion, even in embedded components; you'll just have to forgive us if we shed a tear for that retro gaming PC which finally fell off the update bandwagon.

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