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TUAW Best of 2012 Nominations: iPhone


It's time for the TUAW Best of 2012 awards, and we need your nominations for the best iPhone products of the year. Nominations are still open for iPad products, so if you haven't yet told us about your favorite products in a number of categories, you can still do so.

The nominations will be open for one week, after which time we'll compile the results and have readers vote for the winners. To make your nomination, please use the following form. Only one entry per reader, please! Developers or manufacturers who appear to be "astroturfing" the nominations will have their products disqualified from the TUAW Best of 2012 awards.

Things are a bit different from last year -- we have categories for both iPhone cases and iPhone accessories other than cases. Video and photo apps have their own categories, as well.

Have fun thinking about your favorite iPhone experiences of 2012!

Update: Nominations have been closed

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