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Warhorse Studios 'next-gen' tech video leaked


A video of Warhorse Studios' next-gen RPG that uses a modified version of CryEngine 3 leaked out recently. Even considering the "bootleg" feel of it, the video shows some impressive textures with murky, yet reflective water in the developer's introductory game.

The video comes from a recent hour-long presentation at a small Czech gaming conference in Prague. Creative Director Dan Vavra clarified in a recent developer diary that the next-gen label is "somewhat misleading." The small demo was shown on a two-year-old laptop with a mobile GeForce 555M, or as Vavra described it: "Not exactly state-of-the-art PC or next gen Xbox." The area shown is 200 x 200 meters, and according to Vavra it "doesn't have the final lighting and there are no effects in it. It's simply an example of the environment."

While the game is expected to run on next-gen consoles, Vavra sternly noted that the environment video is "not at all originally intended officially to support the claim that 'this is what next gen should look like.'"

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