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Experimental game dev AI launches first official game, free for the holidays


"Angelina" is the brainchild of Imperial College London computer science PhD student Michael Cook, and it's just helped craft its first official game release: A Puzzling Present. You read that correctly -- a computer AI helped to develop, test, and produce a full on video game (which was subsequently released to the Google Play store late last week). The game's even free, should you not trust a synthetic brain to produce your Santa-based mobile platformers.

Cook revealed his project to the world back in March as part of his PhD work -- he calls it, "an investigation into the ways in which software can design creatively." And while the theme of A Puzzling Present isn't exactly what we'd call wildly creative, Cook promises the level design and sheer fun to be top notch. Or at least he's hoping as much, lest Angelina's algorithms need adjusting -- regardless, the game is currently free on Android, should you wish to test your wits against a cold, calculating machine (and who doesn't?).

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