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    Daily iPad App: Chuggington Traintastic Adventures


    Kids love trains and the locomotives from the British children's TV series Chuggington are downright adorable. As its name implies, Chuggington is a fictional town that is home to several young locomotives that zip around the town and its surrounding countryside. Kids who love the TV show will also love the new Chuggington Traintastic Adventures app from Budge Studios.

    Chuggington Traintastic brings the world of Chuggington to the iPad and iPhone. The colorful app recreates the town and features model trains that children can drive around. In Build & Play mode, children can design their own Chuggington trains with wacky add-ons that let them fly their locomotive and run it super-fast on the tracks with a booster pack. Kids are free to explore the world of Chuggington by drawing a path for their train using their fingers. Once their path is drawn, the trains will chug along the tracks.

    Chuggington Traintastic also includes four adventure modes that follow actual episodes. In this part of the game, children must follow directions to complete tasks such as loading and unloading cargo. This part of the app features clips from the TV series that walks your kids through the adventure. Fireworks and other positive reinforcements reward your children for a job well-done.

    The Chuggington Traintastic app is an entertaining app for train-lovers in the 6-year-old and under group. The adventure mode is filled with challenging, age-appropriate tasks, while the Build & Play mode is whimsical and fun. Even though he can't control all parts of it, my 3-year-old loves playing with his Chuggington friends.

    Chuggington Traintastic Adventures is a universal app and is available for US$5.99 from the iOS App Store.

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