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    Daily iPhone App: You Don't Know Jack returns in Facebook form


    You may be surprised to see the classic You Don't Know Jack here in this space again, as we've already covered it as a daily app. But that version is no longer on the App Store, and the new version that appeared yesterday is a completely different game, this time based on the Facebook version of the ubiquitous trivia title. As such, this version is played best with a Facebook account hooked up to it, but it's not needed -- you can still log in and play the game as a guest if you'd rather keep things more private.

    Aside from that Facebook functionality, this is essentially the same game we've loved ever since it first appeared on PC back in the day. Faithful host Cookie runs you through daily games of trivia questions, featuring wickedly hilarious puns and jokes, old favorites like Dis or Dat and of course the game-ending Jack Attack. Odds are you've played this game more than a few times before, but this is all new content yet again, so there's new fun to be had.

    The game also includes some freemium elements, like power-ups to boost your score, and various unlocks to be purchased with the cash you earn from the game. But all of that stuff is just extra, really -- this is the world's best trivia game reincarnated in a great new form. If you're a fan of the old YDKJ (and how can you not be?), definitely give it a download.

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