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EA loses spot on the NASDAQ-100


The NASDAQ-100 Index will remove Electronic Arts as part of its annual re-ranking. The index, which is a fancy term for the grouping of a bunch of stocks, includes the 100 largest non-financial stocks listed on the Nasdaq stock exchange. EA joins nine other stocks, including Netflix, to be removed from the index.

"The securities being added to the NASDAQ-100 Index will join Facebook, Costco, Apple, Google and other household names that are leading the new economy forward," said NASDAQ executive VP John L. Jacobs. "Our objective re-ranking process ensures the NASDAQ-100 remains a relevant investable index that is the underlying benchmark for about 7,100 products in 22 countries with a notional value of about $1 trillion."

The new group of stocks being added doesn't include any traditional video game companies. As notes, EA may be off the list, but the NASDAQ-100 still includes Activision Blizzard and Microsoft.

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